Bird Away Solutions

Bird Away Spikes:

Bird Spikes, at Pest-Cure are specially designed while using Polycarbonate (with UV Stabilized). They can be fixed (glued/screwed) at concrete/ metal/ wood/ stone/ glass or any other surface.
These Spikes prevent the birds to sit on the surface (installed). The bird gets extremely uncomfortable while sitting on the applied surface.

Advantages of bird away Spikes:

  • You will have no more bird droppings.
  • It will give a cleaner and more beautiful look to your area.
  • The designing of the product is done in such a way that it is not noticeable from a distance.
  • Also, up close, it appears very neat and interesting to look at.
  • It is not at all dangerous for humans or any other animal and bird.
  • The product will gain the admiration of visitors and on-lookers and they will also appreciate your effort to maintain the building.
  • You will get your money’s worth. This product really works with zero maintenance.

These products come with one year warranty. It has been successfully installed in various locations where the applications have been on Trusses, Ledges, Air conditioners, Lighting Equipments, Awnings etc.

Please Note: It does not kill nor injure the bird at all. It just pokes them so that they do not sit on it. Since birds have a good memory, it prevents them from visiting the same place again.
Based on a very simple theory it is an Effective Solution and a very specially designed product. It is recommended to use Spikes for your home/office/factory or any other building.
Also, as we all know, conservation of structures is given high importance; it has become more or less obvious to install spikes in most leading buildings.

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Bird Away Net:

Famous worldwide, Bird netting is the strongest and most versatile bird exclusion system known. Bird Away Net denies pest birds’ admission to literally any architectural configuration including Courtyards, Rooftops, Overhangs, Parking garages, etc.
Bird Away Net is a nearly invisible bird control product that comes in black, stone (beige) and white colors to blend with your structure.
Install bird netting bird exclusion products: It can be installed in any bird affected area or at any enclosed or semi-enclosed area, opening or building configuration where pest birds need to be excluded. It is also useful for pest bird exclusion at Airplane Hangars and on rooftops or outdoor courtyards as well as aquaculture and agricultural applications.

Advantages of Bird Away Net:

  • Inexpensive and effective solution to stop entry/roasting/breeding of all kind of birds in your surroundings.
  • Nearly invisible and aesthetically good.
  • Acts as a barrier and prevents entry of the birds.
  • Flame resistant
  • Very long usage life, 10 years or more
  • Long lasting, humane, nearly invisible bird control product
  • 100% bird exclusion against all pest bird species
  • Extremely strong and versatile bird exclusion product
  • Specially treated polyethylene in highly resistant to U.V. rays
  • Available in black, stone & white colors to blend with your structure
  • Will not rot or absorb water
  • Flame resistant
  • Humane bird control product

How It works: A strong impenetrable bird barrier is formed by high density polyethylene twine that is twisted and knotted for controlling birds. The coloring and U.V. treatment are embedded in the composition, making the bird net more resistant to the effects of the sun with a more consistent coloring throughout.

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