Commercial Pest Management

About This Service:

It is an evident fact that whether it is home or office, pests can be a great menace for all. And when it comes to corporate world, things can be more troublesome. These nasty pests can create havoc in one’s life resulting not only in loss to business & reputation but property and important documents as well.

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Our expert and trained professionals will visit your premises and do thorough inspection of the property followed by a written report and recommendations.

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Specific services :

  • Total Elimination of Pest, specifically tailored for offices & corporate houses
  • Stored Product Pest Control
  • Ant Control (Pavement Ants, House Ants, other invading Ants)
  • Insect Control (Flies/Mosquitoes) – Wall Coatings/Fogging – Smoke/Insect Light Trap
  • Rodent Control and structural rodent proofing
  • Bird management – Spikes/Net/Gel
  • Disinfection treatment for Germs and harmful bacteria
  • Termite Treatment (Most effective subterranean termite and other wood-destroying organism treatment available)

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