DIY Lizard Repellent

DIY Cockroach Repellent

Area Covered:

Each tube of Veto Lizard (40 gms) efficiently covers 550 sq.ft. (Approx Area) of a standard residential unit.

Activation Period:

Considering the product a herbal repellent, 90% result / effect can be seen in 6-9 days, however complete relief will be achieved in 21-23 days.

Effectivity Period:

Depending on air flow and sunlight, the effect of repellency of Veto Lizard will long last up to 3-6 months.

How To Use:


Peanut sized drops have to be applied next to Tube-Lights / Clocks / Other area where Lizards are noticed. Distance between two spots should be not more than 1 ft.


Once the problem is solved from inside the premises, bait/ can be applied in exteriors. This will help to restrict further entry of Lizard/s inside the unit. Peanut sized drops have to be applied at outside areas, near All Entry Points.

NOTE : Spot/s should Not be wiped / cleaned in daily cleaning process. In case removed, apply the bait again.

Where to use:

  • Outside windows and doors area
  • Near electrical switch boards
  • Toilets
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage Areas etc.


Herbal extracts mixed with a food source Ancient pest repellent formula of “Margosa Kernal with Eucalyptus Oil & Tulsi Extract” is used in our “Veto Lizard”. It has a unique property of repelling all species of Lizards.