Flies Control

About This Service:

Since 2001, Pest-Cure is engaged in providing its valuable services and treatments for Flies Management. These services and products are recommended for hotels, open restaurants, resorts, commercial complexes, fast food centers and residences.

While rendering these services, inspection of the site/property is done at first by our experts, after which solutions are suggested for maximum effectiveness and assurance is given that our services are beneficial to the maximum.

Treatments Available are:

Baiting System:

Pest-Cure possesses a unique chemical (in powder form), quite similar to other baiting methods, which attracts flies towards it with its fragrance and kills it once the chemical is consumed. Surprisingly, it is a very effective solution. Pest Cure Inc. places these baits at required locations in a specially designed Bait Station.

This service is carried out for Flying Insects (MOSQUITOES) problem at inside area of a building, like hospitals, showrooms, offices, residence etc.


Fogging is all about creating mist in the entire premises (open area) using specialized and imported machines/equipments. Deltamethrin (BAYER) is used for fogging by Pest-Cure. Fogging of Deltamethrin disappears quickly and leaves no residue.

Major requirement of fogging is at large sized sites like Townships, Schools/Colleges, Government Buildings and Apartments etc.

Do it Yourself

Products Available:

  • Electronic Fly Catcher
  • Fly Bag

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