Glue Traps - Rodents

About This Service:

Non-Toxic glue Traps for rats and mice

Product Details:

Regular and Economy size


  • Glue-Based Rat/Mouse Trap
  • Safe, easy to use, eco-friendly
  • Available at your door step
  • Comes with Eco-friendly disposal

pest control rats

Directions to use:

Follow this simple method- open a glue trap and place it along the rat’s (expected) route at night. The scurrying animal walks right onto the trap and before it realizes, it’s stuck for life.

The trap can then be easily disposed off. In case your plot is foiled and the rodent escapes, you can fold Glue Trap back and try again at another location.

Tried and Tested Products:

These Glue Traps have been tested under diverse climatic conditions. The special glue lasts for many years and it can function at temperature ranging from 0-degree to 45-degree C.


  • Proper Storage
  • Away from excess moisture and extreme heat
  • Should be kept away from children and pets
  • Should the glue stick to hand or other object/s, apply vegetable oil and wash with mild detergent and water.