Industrial Pest Management

About This Service:

Pests damage businesses and buildings. It becomes quite difficult to maintain industrial settings like warehouse, food processing plants as well as storage units when the potential for infestation is beyond limit. However, Pest-Cure can provide solutions for any kind of infestation. We ensure that your premises would be healthy and pest free. Storage buildings and warehouses provide ample space for pests to expand their colonies through high ceilings, outdoors, tiers of shelving and thus renders the structure weak. We work with an approach of "elimination" and "prevention" of even the heaviest infestation. You are surely going to find some relief at last.


Cure has a good experience as far as pest control is concerned. Client satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you want to get rid of the pest issues and live in pest-free and healthy surroundings, feel free to contact us anytime..

pest control in office

Specific services :

  • Total Elimination of Pest, specifically tailored for offices & Corporate houses
  • Stored Product Pest Control
  • Ant Control (Pavement Ant, House Ant, other invading Ants)
  • Insect Control (Flies/Mosquitoes) – Wall Coatings / Fogging – Smoke / Insect Light Trap
  • Rodent Control and Structural Rodent Proofing
  • Bird management – Spikes / Net / Gel
  • Disinfection treatment for Germs & harmful Bacteria
  • Termite Treatment (Most effective subterranean Termite and other Wood - Destroying organism treatment available)

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