About This Service:

One of the major problems these days is the occurrence of pests in cars and other automotive vehicles. Various kinds of insects can find their way into your car, depending on your location. To escape the hot weather, spiders find shelter inside cars and homes. A single flea from a dog can hop off a grass blade onto your pant leg as you get into your car and lay many eggs in a short period of time. Other pests like roaches and ants can be attracted to your car if you have any food crumbs or a sugary-sweet-smelling car deodorizer in it. Head lice or body lice can ride on people and hide in your cars carpet and upholstery. You open the door or window for half a minute and you will get attacked by flies and mosquitoes for the rest of your drive. Fortunately, you can get rid of any type of insects in your car for good.

Pest Cure’s Pest-O-CarTM service is available for every pest, seen in cars. Common pests found in cars are flies, cockroaches, bedbugs, mosquitoes and ants. There are chances of coming across rodent and lizard problem also in cars. It is recommended to go for a regular pest control in car or other vehicles to avoid any inconvenience. We provide a tailor made package to you, depending on specific pest problem, size of the car and infestation level. We also have ‘Do-it-yourself Pest Control Products’ for pest in cars.

Do it Yourself

Advantage of Pest-O-CarTM Service:

  • No disruption
  • Non Smelly-Non Messy Treatment
  • Eco Friendly Solutions
  • WHO Certified Pest Control Chemicals are used
  • Harmless for Pets

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