Residential Pest Management

About This Service:

Pests in homes can be of great nuisance value specially when pets, children and other occupants allergic to chemicals are involved.


Pest-Cure won’t let you be a victim of the pest attack. Let your home be solely yours. We offer eco friendly and effective treatments for your home which are safe at the same time.Best features of the service/s are-

  • No foul smell during/after the treatment
  • Vacation of the kitchen utensils or any other cabinet is not required
  • Leaving your premises after the treatment is not required
  • Eco friendly treatment- safe for children, old age persons and other occupants present at the site
  • Chemicals used are certified by WHO (World Health Organisation)
  • Maintain harmony with environment

pest control for home

Specific services :

  • Knock down that pest: 1 year ‘NO PEST’ guarantee (Cockroaches/Ants/Lizards/Spiders)
  • Eco friendly pest control
  • Cockroach control- Get well
  • Ant Buster Services
  • Insect Control (Mosquitoes/Flies)- Wall Coatings/Foggings
  • Rodents Management (Rats, Mice, etc.)
  • Structural Termite Proofing (Pre/Post construction)
  • Woodborer Treatment
  • Bird Away Solutions- Spikes/ Net/ Gel

What we do for your business

Do it Yourself

  • Ultrasonic Pest Repellers (Rodents/All other Pests)

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